Malabar Social Service Society

Skill Development

Usha Silai School

USHA Silai School Initiative weaves a path to independence for rural women in the Malabar region, offering skills training and economic empowerment through sewing.

The USHA Silai School initiative, spearheaded by the Malabar Social Service Society with financial and technical support from USHA International, stands as a beacon of empowerment for rural women in the Malabar region. This transformative project focuses on enhancing the skills of rural women through comprehensive sewing training. By implementing the initiative in Wayanad, Kannur, Kasaragod, and Palakkad districts, MASSS has successfully established 257 functioning Silai schools. Through these schools, a remarkable 2400 women from low-income families have completed their training, transitioning from learners to skilled entrepreneurs.


Training Cum Production Centre

Empowering Women Through Skills and Employment.

The year 2022 marked a significant milestone for the USHA MASSS Tailoring cum Production Centre as it was officially inaugurated on November 5th, 2022, by the esteemed Mar Joseph Pandarasseril. Our commitment to empowering women goes beyond training. The center has taken a proactive approach to providing employment opportunities for the women who have undergone training. This has not only improved their financial well-being but also contributed to their overall quality of life. One of our primary objectives is to provide valuable training related to tailoring for vulnerable women in our community. In line with this, we initiated free training sessions for women in the initial stages. This endeavour allowed us to equip 20 women with essential tailoring skills, providing them with opportunities they might not have otherwise had.


Empowering Rural Women through Skill Development Initiatives

MASSS, in collaboration with NABARD, conducted various skill training programs in Kannur, Kasaragod, Wayanad, and Palakkad districts. These 10-15 day sessions targeted rural women, offering training in caretaking, home nursing, umbrella making, pisciculture, ornament making, food processing, and other valuable skills. These initiatives aim to enhance livelihood opportunities and empower women in rural communities.

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