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Fr. Saji Pinarkayil Silver Jubilee Housing Projects

Building Homes, Fostering Hope

On the auspicious occasion of his silver jubilee of priestly ordination, Fr. Saji Pinarkayil extended his helping hand to four homeless families, providing them with the gift of shelter. The houses were constructed in the serene regions of Rajapuram, Madampam, and Wayanad, offering these families a newfound sense of security and belonging. Fr. Saji’s compassionate gesture not only provided physical shelter but also symbolized hope and solidarity within the community.

Swavalamban Hunarbaaz – Window 1

Livelihood outreach program for Endosulfan affected People, in collaboration with SIDBI

The project aims to empower and uplift the Endosulfan victims and women in their families residing in the rural communities of Kasaragod district, Kerala, who have endured severe health hazards and loss due to prolonged exposure to Endosulfan aerial spraying over the past two decades. The primary goal of this project is to rehabilitate 400 victims of Endosulfan exposure and women in their families in the Kasaragod district of Kerala. This initiative focuses on providing comprehensive training in food processing, including value addition in fruits, vegetables, and coconut husk, aiming to empower and support these individuals towards sustainable livelihoods.” 346 beneficiaries were selected to establish micro-enterprises. These enterprises will be facilitated with credit linkages and financial support through bank loans and other financial institutions. The initiative provided essential handholding support, guiding the beneficiaries in setting up processing units, producing value-added products, and establishing market linkages for their businesses. By equipping these Endosulfan victims and women with entrepreneurial skills and boosting their confidence, the program not only enhances their socio-economic condition but also promotes gender equality and self-reliance in the community.

Swavalamban Hunarbaaz – Window 2

Livelihood Outreach Programme, in collaboration with SIDBI (Small Industries Development Bank of India)

Empowering the Communities of North Kerala through the Livelihood Outreach Programme – Swavalamban Hunarbaaz, in collaboration with SIDBI (Small Industries Development Bank of India), is a concerted effort by MASSS to foster sustainable rural development. Recognizing the indispensable role of agriculture in the region’s economy and the challenges posed by globalization and market forces, our program is dedicated to enhancing the socio-economic conditions of the community. With a special focus on empowering rural women, who constitute a significant portion of the agricultural workforce, we aim to uplift and strengthen the fabric of rural life.

Rehabilitation Project for the Disabled (SLF)

Transforming Disability into Ability – The SLF Rehabilitation Endeavor

Since 2010, the Malabar Social Service Society (MASSS) has been dedicated to the rehabilitation of the disabled population in the Malabar region of Kerala. With a focus on educational support for disabled children, healthcare services, and organizing special events, MASSS has played a pivotal role in uplifting the differently-abled community. In a significant stride in 2010, MASSS embarked on a new phase, collaborating with the Catholic Health Association of India to establish a physiotherapy center and computer center in Rajapuram specifically tailored for differently-abled individuals. This initiative not only includes technological empowerment but also extends educational and medical aid, underlining MASSS’s commitment to holistic support for the disabled.


Empowering Women, Empowering Communities – E-Shakti Digitalization Project

E-Shakti is a project to digitize women’s self-help groups. As an implementation agency of the E-Shakti Project, MASSS has procured 156 SHGs from Kannur and Kasaragod districts under the Digital Platform. As a result, self-help groups have extensive access to financial services by improving the interface between self-help groups and banks for efficient and seamless delivery of banking services using the Aadhaar-Mobile Linked Identity.

Nai Roshini

Empowering Women Leaders – Nai Roshini Initiative by Ministry of Minority Affairs

Malabar Social Service Society joins hands with the Ministry of Minority Affairs, Government of India to organize the Nai Roshini event. Nai Roshini is a project to uplift the status of minority women through leadership development training. The ministry had sanctioned seven programs for 175 beneficiaries in the Kannur district. Under this program, knowledge on various topics such as skill development, life skills, legal awareness, RTI, health, hygiene, economic empowerment, government programs, systems, education empowerment, women dredging, food, nutrition, and gender was provided to the group members by experienced resource persons for a period of six days.

Rural Women Technology Park

Bridging the Digital Divide

Malabar Social Service Society and SEED division of Department of Science and Technology, Government of India jointly established Rural Women Technology Park in Parappa block in Kasargode District. As part of the project, 25 SHGs were formed and established 29 enterprises in the District. A knowledge center was established in the first year of the project to impart information and training for the beneficiaries.

Tribal Empowerment Project

Harnessing Tradition, Fostering Innovation

The Malabar Social Service Society implemented the Tribal Empowerment Project with the support of the Department of Science and Technology, Central Government. The scheme implemented by MASSS in Six villages in the Kannur district. ST promoters of the Grama Panchayath identified the beneficiaries. After the training, 6 SHGs with 20 members had formed, more than 200 people indirectly benefited from the scheme by selling raw materials and obtaining quality products. The training imparted on tuber and vegetable cultivation, crop management, and various value addition. Entrepreneurial units were organized and marketing assistance was provided to them. Tribal SHGs owned these groups and operated in their village.

Disaster Management – LACIM

From Relief to Resilience – Disaster Management Partnership with LACIM

MASSS In association with LACIM, France wants to reach out to the poverty-stricken communities in the Malabar Region, regardless of race or religion. Under the LACIM scheme, MASSS assists people to become self-sufficient and to meet their requirements through Income Generation programs. This project is based on friendship and Sharing. Therefore, under this scheme, a total of Rs.10 lakh loans were sanctioned to the women in rural areas. These Loan amounts are disbursed without processing fees and interest to the rural women for income generation activities to empower them and make them Self-sufficient.

Thanal Housing Projects

Creating Shelter, Creating Hope

Project Thanal housing project were introduced by MASSS in order to help the ones in need for building a home. With this project, selected people from many parish churches will be given financial assistance to build a house. Around 23 houses are built under these projects.

Holistic Watershed Project

Empowering Communities Through Sustainable Development

In collaboration with NABARD, MASSS implemented a comprehensive array of income-generating programs for 1024 families in Vellamund Gram Panchayath, Wayanad district. These initiatives included stone bunding, earthen bunding, pond construction, distribution of seedlings, goat rearing, cow rearing, and various other income-generating activities. These efforts aim to uplift livelihoods and promote sustainable development in the region.

Western Ghat Development Program

Empowering Communities Through Environmental Conservation

In collaboration with the Government of India, MASSS undertook the construction of various infrastructure projects including stone bounding, well recharging, river protection walls, as well as initiatives such as goat rearing for 540 families in the Kottody and Chullikara areas of Kasaragod district. These efforts aim to enhance livelihoods and bolster community resilience in the region.

Tribal Development Fund

Uplifting Tribal Communities

In partnership with NABARD, MASSS is extending support to 10 tribal colonies in Eruvessy and Payavoor Gram Panchayaths, Kannur district. The assistance includes wadi formation, irrigation programs, spring developments, well renovation, stone bunding, income-generating programs (IGP), beekeeping, cow rearing, and goat rearing initiatives for 500 tribal families. These interventions aim to uplift tribal communities by enhancing livelihood opportunities and promoting sustainable development in the region.

Jalanidhi Project

Empowering Communities Through Clean Water

With the support of the Kerala government, MASSS has extended assistance to 600 families in Kathiroor Gram Panchayath, Kannur district, to improve water and sanitation facilities. These initiatives aim to enhance public health, sanitation, and overall well-being within the community, fostering a healthier living environment for residents.

Gruhasree Project

Enhancing Lives, One Home at a Time

In collaboration with the Kerala State Housing Board, MASSS has successfully constructed 113 houses in the Malabar region. These efforts contribute to addressing housing needs and improving living conditions for residents, fostering community development and well-being.

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