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Livelihood Enterprises Development Programme (LEDP)

Building Dreams, Bridging Futures – Empowering Women Through Sustainable Livelihoods.

The Malabar Social Service Society (MASSS) has been a driving force in empowering women and promoting sustainable livelihoods for many years. Through various initiatives, including women’s empowerment programs, the formation of self-help groups and collaboration with organizations like NABARD, MASSS has aimed to uplift marginalized women. One such endeavour is the Livelihood Enterprise Development Program in Kannur district, focusing on food processing.

Food Processing Units

Implemented in collaboration with NABARD, the project titled ‘LEDP on food processing activity for 90 SHG members of Kannur district’ has become a catalyst for social and economic progress. Livelihood and enterprise development, essential components of this initiative, play a pivotal role in generating employment opportunities within local social systems. Particularly impactful for women in rural areas, this endeavour not only allows them to supplement family income but also enables them to balance their domestic responsibilities effectively. The Malabar Social Service Society conducted skill up gradation training followed by a 2-day refresher session on food processing, reaching out to 90 rural women. This transformative program unfolded in Payyavur, Chamathachal, and Sreekandapuram, engaging 90 beneficiaries from 19 SHGs in Kannur. The primary objective remains empowering these women to independently operate their livelihood enterprises, thereby fostering positive and lasting changes in their lives.


The Malabar Social Service Society has been influencing society for many years intending to empower women and their sustainable livelihood. Since its inception, MASSS had been organizing various women’s empowerment programs for marginalized and disadvantaged women, celebrating women’s empowerment programs, and forming self-help groups and JLGs. Under this Project ‘Aadugramam’ – an affiliate of goat and goat rearing training implemented in Wayanad. The main project activities include training programs, JLG formation, credit linkages, and enterprise development. The ultimate goal of this program is to enable women to run their livelihood ventures, which will help bring about positive changes in their lives. The project was carried out in various segments for the JLGs. Each section will focus on different areas. training program focused on the type of sheep, the breeding time, and the diet of the sheep. Upon completion of the training, 270 sheep were provided to 11 JLGs comprising 45 families from Wayanad.

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