Malabar Social Service Society

Community Based Rehabilitation

Empowerment of Differentlyabled

The CHAI COVID-19 Emergency Response Programme is a vital initiative dedicated to providing immediate and essential hygiene and infection control support to vulnerable populations, specifically children and youngsters living with disabilities, HIV/AIDS, orphans, and those who are otherwise vulnerable. Over the months of January, February, and March, the program distributed hygiene and infection control kits to families carefully selected based on specific disabilities, including Mental Retardation and allied Disabilities, vision/hearing/speech disabilities, Loco motor Disabilities, and others suffering from other disabilities. Priority was given to single-parent children with disabilities who were recipients of Disability Pension from the government and had not received any other assistance apart from the Covid-19 relief support provided by the Malabar Social Service Society. Additionally, the initiative conducted a comprehensive Digital Awareness Programme in collaboration with the Catholic Health Association of India. This program disseminated crucial information on safeguarding against Covid-19 infection, control measures, referral procedures, and vaccination processes.

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