Malabar Social Service Society

Ambulance Service
Bridging Medical Gaps in Malabar

Amidst the rising prevalence of medical emergencies and the subsequent proliferation of hospitals and emergency care units, the pivotal role of ambulance services in ensuring timely medical intervention cannot be overstated. Over the past five years, Malabar Social Service Society (MASSS) has been at the forefront, operating two essential ambulance services. Recognizing the inadequacy of ambulance services in the remote regions of the Kannur, Kasaragod, and Wayanad districts, MASSS extended its reach to these areas, specifically targeting rural communities where access to medical facilities is often limited. The exacerbation of the pandemic situation further heightened the demand for emergency medical services, underscoring the indispensable nature of MASSS’ initiatives. These ambulances, strategically stationed in the Malabar region, serve as lifelines, swiftly reaching those in urgent need. MASSS remains steadfast in its commitment to aiding the community by ensuring these critical services are not only accessible but also financially feasible, thereby reinforcing its dedication to the well-being of the people it serves.

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