SHGs Activities Published on: 5/6/2019

SHGs Activities

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♦Awareness cum training programme


♦ Micro credit unions

♦ Income generating programmes

♦ Vocational training

♦ Taking up of social problems like alcoholism, drinking water, injustice, etc.

♦ Public utility services, like repairing roads, cleaning hospitals, school, etc.


♦ Charity work at special occasion   

♦ Active participation in ‘Gramasabha’ (policy making body of government at village level)

♦ Mobilization of local resources

♦ Value formation, recreational programmes, pleasure trips etc.                 

♦ Promotion of Sustainable agriculture practices

♦ Group farming and multi cropping         

♦ Promotion of organic farming

♦ Seed bank promotion


♦ Vegetable and Herbal gardens

♦ Co-operative society for collection and marketing of agriculture products

♦ Fodder grass cultivation

♦ Monthly gathering

♦ Experience sharing

♦ Adoption programmes; and        

♦ Celebrations of festivals and other cultural feasts

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